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James William Yoon james.yoon at
Wed Aug 19 17:37:02 UTC 2009

The Android phone isn't a high priority right now--we've deprioritized
the Android wireframe designs until the iPhone designs get firmed up
more (from museum feedback and casual user testing) since it seems
that the screens/layouts/etc. will essentially be the same, with only
some adjustments here and there to adhere to Android conventions (of
which there seem to be very few, leaving it very open and a bit easier
for us to translate to).

In the meantime, Erin, Alistair, and I installed the Android emulator
on our respective machines to familiarize ourselves with the UI.

Design-wise, it's possible we'll need them by mid-September, so
ordering in early September seems like a good idea. Hopefully by then
the Dev Phone 1 will be back in stock, but if not, we can order an
unlocked one from eXpansys, or just buy a contract-free (but
carrier-locked) one from Rogers.

Developers, do you need an Android phone earlier?


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> James,
> Remind me of where we are with purchasing an Android phone unlocked?
> Jess
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