Activities in Detroit

Alison Benjamin alison.benjamin at
Wed Aug 19 16:49:54 UTC 2009


I just had a chance to touch base with James about the design related
activities that happened wrt to the DIA while I was gone. He suggested
that we structure some meetings for Thursday & leave Friday more open.

In terms of meetings we can have, I think our visit will give us a
good chance solidify the direction we'll take on the micro engagement
map project (e.g inward facing sandbox? outward facing system for
docents & visitors? both). Another activity in this space would be
some testing, but that depends on where our wireframes are at.

And because of concerns about the quality of data in various DIA DBs,
that we should plan meet with staff members who have expertise about
the systems. Off the top of my head, Christina the registrar who works
deeply with TMS, and Paul Noll from their IT dept, who would probably
figure extensively in implementing Engage .

What are your thoughts on we might accomplish with this time (obviously the
DIA will have input & needs too... )


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