Standup on Adobe Connect -- if you're having problems read this please

Jess Mitchell jess at
Thu Apr 30 20:12:16 UTC 2009

I work from home, so I have had just about every possible problem with  
Adobe Connect/ Mmedia Breeze.

First thing I do is connect directly to my router with a wire from my  
laptop.  So, I'm not really wireless.  I think people connecting with  
wireless have more problems with packet loss and slowness.  A direct  
connection will help with packet delay.  Connect will store up packets  
and then deliver them in a comical speed.  Your goal should be to get  
as direct and speedy a connection as you can...

If I have issues still I will close out of bandwidth-heavy  
applications like my Twitter client, my IRC client, my Mail client,  
and any one of the number of Instant Messaging clients I have open.

Within the interface there are a few things you can do:
1. Install the connect add-in -- It will help your connection since  
you won't be going through your own browser.
2. You can set the connection speed from the menu Meeting > My  
Connection Speed
3. You can freeze your image (so you aren't actively sending video) by  
un-pressing the video button below the camera and voice window
3. We can change the session to Slow Images or even Camera Off in the  
lower right corner of the camera and voice window setting button if we  
still can't get it right (this is a setting that affects everyone).

Please contact me if you are still having issues with this.  For best  
results follow these suggestions and have a headset for better audio.

See you at standup!


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Project Manager / Fluid Project
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