Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 29 14:37:56 UTC 2009

On 29-Apr-09, at 9:56 AM, Jacob Farber wrote:

> attached is the other logo ..., which is a wholly different idea:  
> more of a (gears + cogs = code factory) type of message.
> Three gears = 3 languages we primarily use; JS, CSS, HTML. The  
> smallest cog is HTML, a little nod to the idea of DOM agnosticism etc.
> I think color would help to emphasize the uniqueness of the three  
> gears, but that's for a later stage.

I like the cog one. Some comments:

- Colours would probably be nice - perhaps colours that are consistent  
with our existing Fluid colour scheme?
- Should the word Fluid have the colours and "floral" dot on the "i"  
as in the basic Fluid logo?
- The font used for the word "infusion" seems too skinny to me.

And I might be shot for this next question, but:

Do we want to consider some image with a "fluid" theme, i.e. liquid?  
infusion... tea... droplets... mixtures...

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