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Thanks for the feedback Antranig - attached is the other logo you mentioned, which is a wholly different idea: more of a (gears + cogs = code factory) type of message.
Three gears = 3 languages we primarily use; JS, CSS, HTML. The smallest cog is HTML, a little nod to the idea of DOM agnosticism etc.
I think color would help to emphasize the uniqueness of the three gears, but that's for a later stage.

Any feedback is welcome!

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Hey Jacob - I think these look really cool!
I guess I prefer the top one more - especially the sense of the "round holes",
probably I'd like to see the orange patch a bit more symmetrical there.
Overall probably the "i" of Fluid needs a bit better kerning (I have
unfortunately always been a bit of a kerning freak....). Colin mentioned
you were also working on a kind of "cogs concept" which might be cool to

Quoting Jacob Farber <jacob.farber at utoronto.ca>:

> On that note, I've attached a working copy of what I've come up with for the
> Infusion Logo + letterforms.
> There are a couple ideas at play in the graphic, such as:
> - Modularity: use only what you need
> - Openness: the nature of the framework and its community
> - Creativity + Flexibility: with templating, you can easily stand out from
> the crowd
> - Extendable: use whats out of the box, or easily roll your own.
> I hope you think these traits are conveyed in the logos, and that the result
> is an image that projects how powerful the Infusion framework is.
> Please share your feedback and vote for the Top, Bottom, or Neither!
> Thanks
> Jacob
> PS: there is absolutely nothing final about these graphics, btw.
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> Hi everyone,
> I've been working on writing a focused introduction to Fluid Infusion,
> intended as the landing page for Infusion on our web site. Jacob is
> currently working on an Infusion logo and a design for the page, but
> here's the copy I've written:
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Fluid+Infusion
> Feedback, comments, and edits are hugely appreciated.
> I'm hesitant to start a big naming discussion at the moment, but if
> anyone has really good ideas for a tag line that describes Infusion,
> let me know.
> Colin
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