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Aaron Brown aaron at thebrownproject.com
Wed Apr 29 04:47:33 UTC 2009

Eli Cochran wrote:
> Uploader is not the only application that treats these files as zero 
> length. My ftp client sees them as zero length as well.
> This might be a SWFUpload bug, but it's probably a Flash bug. I wrote it 
> up as an issue on the SWFUpload forum.
> I don't think that we'll see a fix. And the only work around is to tell 
> folks to zip before they try to upload


Eli has done some further debugging on the file upload issue with some 
Mac files.  I've quoted his conclusions above for context.

Given that the source of this bug is upstream of Infusion, possibly FAR 
upstream, I recommend that the default upload widget be updated to 
include an active toggle to switch off the flash uploader and fall back 
to the basic uploader on demand.

I think I read something in the list archives a while ago where someone 
had requested this, but in light of this bug I think it's much more 

Currently the flash uploader only falls back to basic mode when flash is 
unavailable.  Unfortunately, this particular bug only strikes when 
certain files are chosen by a Mac user with a particular file system on 
his hard drive - in short, there's no way to know in advance when it 
won't work.  The user needs the option to upload the problem file 
another way.

  - Aaron

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