What is Infusion? document

Jacob Farber jacob.farber at utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 29 02:09:37 UTC 2009

On that note, I've attached a working copy of what I've come up with for the Infusion Logo + letterforms.
There are a couple ideas at play in the graphic, such as:
- Modularity: use only what you need
- Openness: the nature of the framework and its community
- Creativity + Flexibility: with templating, you can easily stand out from the crowd
- Extendable: use whats out of the box, or easily roll your own.

I hope you think these traits are conveyed in the logos, and that the result is an image that projects how powerful the Infusion framework is.

Please share your feedback and vote for the Top, Bottom, or Neither!
PS: there is absolutely nothing final about these graphics, btw.

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Hi everyone,

I've been working on writing a focused introduction to Fluid Infusion,
intended as the landing page for Infusion on our web site. Jacob is
currently working on an Infusion logo and a design for the page, but
here's the copy I've written:


Feedback, comments, and edits are hugely appreciated.

I'm hesitant to start a big naming discussion at the moment, but if
anyone has really good ideas for a tag line that describes Infusion,
let me know.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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