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Aaron Brown aaron at thebrownproject.com
Fri Apr 24 23:18:46 UTC 2009

This relates to the Uploader API and the SWFUploadManager.js file
distributed with Fluid.

I believe the default "fileTypes" setting of "*.*" is inappropriate and
could cause undesirable behavior that can be tricky to debug.  Tricky
enough, in fact, that I'm not 100% sure of the problem so I'm hoping
someone on this list who's a Mac user can test things out for me.

Problem: File type "*.*" does not match files that have no extensions

Possible Solution: fileTypes: "*"

On my linux system, the original setting results in extensionless files
not appearing at all in the file browse window, and changing that
setting fixes the issue.  I *think* this may also be related to a report
I have from a client that he can't upload a .zip file that includes an
extensionless file.  It appears that SWFupload actually peeks inside the
compressed files to make sure you're not using a .zip to get around the
file type restrictions in place.  When this happens, the cause of the
behavior is very non-obvious given that most people naturally assume
"*.*" will capture everything, which is not the case here.

I believe "*" is the fix, but I haven't made the change to the wiki
myself because my testing abilities are limited to my Linux system at
the moment.  If some Mac users out there can confirm this and perhaps
test the compressed file problem, that would help and perhaps then the
script defaults could be updated.

 - Aaron

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