New Infusion Users list and a new focus for fluid-talk

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Mon Apr 20 22:02:04 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

As we prepare for a wider announcement about the Infusion 1.0 release,  
I've set up a new Infusion user support mailing list. It's intended as  
a place where developers and designers who use Infusion in their  
applications can go to ask questions, post solutions, and share their  
work with the community.

  * If you contribute to Infusion, I encourage you to subscribe to the  
list and help support our community of Infusion users.
  * If you're using Infusion, this new list is the best place to post  
questions or feedback.

Here's a link to the subscription page for the Infusion Users mailing  

And the archives are located here:

Along with this new list, we're changing the focus of the fluid-talk  
mailing list. In the past, Fluid Talk has been a totally open forum  
that has been used variously for posting links of interest, answering  
support questions, and so on.

 From now on, Talk is intended as a lower-traffic list that allows us  
to stay in touch with our larger community of interest. It's a forum  
for our advisory board, stakeholders, and others who are interested in  
following the ongoing progress of the Fluid community without having  
to keep track of the higher volume of messages on fluid-work.

If you're not involved in the day-to-day work of Fluid, but want to  
stay connected, fluid-talk is the list for you. Here's the  
subscription page:


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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