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Tue Apr 14 20:45:05 UTC 2009

One last message about the retrospective before tomorrow -- to set the  

This is a very informal opportunity for us to reminisce.  As Michelle  
put it, it's an end-of-year-party, we should sit around with our  
drinks and talk about what we did.

So, folks, bring your beverage of choice and your memories and let's  
reminisce.  Also, think of the 15 minutes not as an assignment to fill  
up, but an opportunity to tell your story and not feel rushed.  I  
suspect some stories may take much less time.  I think this is a great  
moment for us to have fun with each other: remember the APIs from back  
in 0.5, remember how difficult UI Options felt, remember how we  
figured out how to automate some of our testing, how we came up with  
snowballs and rectangles to describe our processes, how much grief  
uploader has caused us, how we rename things, and how we got to this  
place where we have amazing components.

So, let's remember together and please don't feel as though this needs  
to be a formal presentation -- just bring memories and stories.

So, see you all at Wed, April 15 8 am PDT /11 am EDT / 4 pm GMT / 5 pm  
CEST and I for one will be wearing my party hat.


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On Apr 11, 2009, at 9:23 AM, Jess Mitchell wrote:

> Slides aren't necessary from everyone. If more than one person does  
> slides just try to combine them ahead of time. These are meant to be  
> storytelling moments, so there may be no slides at all -- check in  
> with eachother.
> Jess
> On Apr 10, 2009, at 6:14 PM, Daphne Ogle <daphne at>  
> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> As Jess suggested, I've started putting a few slides together for  
>> retrospective and as I work on my 2nd component it strikes me that  
>> it could be tricky if we have several people with slides.  Am I  
>> worrying about technology for no reason?  Will it be easy to switch  
>> between various moderators and do screen sharing?
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