Release 1.0 Status ... still a day from release

Eli Cochran eli at
Wed Apr 8 20:05:48 UTC 2009

Hi folks,
Major work was done today moving us towards a 1.0 Release. Big thanks  
to Jacob for documenting our new source tree in the Read Me!

However there are still a few outstanding tasks to do before we cut a  
tag and test the final build.

I still need:
Colin: test framework dependencies FLUID-2533
Colin: Review ReadMe and update any framework issues in the ReadMe  
Anastasia: I did a quick pass for Inline Edit, Pager, and Reorderer in  
the Read Me. Please review my edits for those components FLUID-2561,  
FLUID-2563, FLUID-2560

It would be great if all that could get done before 12:30 Toronto  
time. I'll be arriving at the office at about that time.

- Eli

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Eli Cochran
manager of user experience design
ETS, UC Berkeley

"Do not solve the problem that’s asked of you. It’s almost always the  
wrong problem."
     - Don Norman

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