Patterns ready to be published?

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Wed Apr 8 19:58:03 UTC 2009

Hi Jonathan,
    The "Comprehensive File Upload" pattern originally submitted by Eli, 
and substantially rewritten by me, was fairly extensively reviewed:. We 
did a group walkthrough, and I did a lot of revisions based on 
criticisms and suggestions from Allison, Daphne, and Colin.   I think it 
may be ready for publication.

However: I can't seem to find it in the current library.  It's not filed 
under Content Management.  The Simple File Upload pattern mentions it, 
but gives the link:

which does not work.

In the right sidebar of Simple File Upload  there is another link:

which /does/ find the pattern, but I can't seem to locate it any other way.

You are correct: the fact that there aren't any Published patterns 
visible to people who don't log in does look odd.  It confused me when I 
attempted to show the library and demonstrate how it works at a meeting 
this morning.  The fact that I couldn't find the pattern I wanted to 
show was also a bit disconcerting.  (But this sort of thing is a risk 
with /any/ demonstration.)


Jonathan Hung wrote:
> Hi Daphne and Allison,
> Are there patterns that are ready to be Published on the OSDPL?
> Currently there aren't any Published patterns on the site, thus 
> anonymous users without accounts will experience an empty site.
> If there are patterns that can be released shortly, it would help a 
> lot. Are any ready or close enough for public consumption? It looks a 
> bit odd that an open source site doesn't appear to have any content 
> for the public. :D
> - Jonathan,
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