VULAB-193 - Code Review Please :)

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Fri Apr 3 20:09:45 UTC 2009

Hey Blake,
Im just heads down helping with testing at the moment, but if your willing to wait I would be happy to have a look at your patch...unless someone else would like to before that.

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Hello Hello,

So this week I've been toiling with a really messed up svn. So.. rather then try to salvage some of the old and broken patches, I've created this new one which brings together a few small fixes.

a) curvycorners.js was not included into the header and the .js file itself was not uploaded
b) missing images - background images, new logo images, etc, were not uploaded when we added johnc's redesign
c) the signup page is a MESS, and I am reverting it back to the original, and will patch it again once the system itself is cleaned up.

Thanks for your eyes/attention on this,
- Blake
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