fluid-work Digest, Vol 25, Issue 31

Herb Wideman herb at yorku.ca
Wed Apr 1 12:13:35 UTC 2009

Hi Jonathan,

Re your request below:

I've gone through both the Preparation guide and the User Experience
Walkthroughs "landing page". ...
I think at this point we should hand this over to someone else to read
through to see if there is anything we can improve. I'm concerned a little
about the terminology at some points, but wonder if it's just a case of me
spending too much time with the documentation. :)

If it would be useful to get a different perspective I'd be happy to review and edit or make suggestions on any pages in the handbook that the team deems in need of review. (I saw the request last week from Daphne for editing help with the Handbook but was finishing a research report on deadline at that time - finally I've got some time available).


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