Jira Filters for the design team

justin.obara at utoronto.ca justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Tue Sep 30 14:21:40 UTC 2008


I have created a set of Jira filters for the design team.

They are as follows:

design-watched: All
design-watched: Image Reorderer
design-watched: Inline Edit
design-watched: Layout Reorderer
design-watched: Pager
design-watched: Uploader

To have a Jira show up in any of these filters they need to have the  
correct corresponding component selected and be tagged with  
"design-watched" in either the comments or the description.

These filters can also be viewed on the wiki.

All of the filters are on individual pages and can be grabbed via the  
include tag.

They are currently all viewable off of this wiki page:

Please feel to leave me comments, questions, and suggestions.


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