Reorderer in Sakai announcements

Gonzalo Silverio gsilver at
Mon Sep 29 13:26:22 UTC 2008


We have been working on integrating the reorderer in the Sakai announcements
list as a test. Here are some preliminary observations, some caveats, and a
request for assistance.

On the skinning side the selector order that worked best to avoid conflicts
with external (implementor) styles and internal (reorderer) styles was the


The only !important override was used in the ".orderable-avatar" selector,
to override the ".orderable-hover" in cases where both were addressing the
same attribute, since both are applied to the same element/state.

Since ".ui-draggable" and ".ui-droppable" seem to be applied to all states,
they were less useful for distinguishing between states. Is this true?

The Sakai announcements list is a table, with up to seven columns, each row
having a set of links and a checkbox input, at least when the site owner is
viewing it. I applied the "uniqueprefix.orderableX" to the <tr/>

- Win/Internet Explorer 6 -

1) Checkboxes are unchecked after a drag
2) It is virtually impossible to "paint" ".orderable-drop-marker" - the
table rows separate to the specified height as the avatar enters the area,
but that is it, no background, borders, etc. are rendered.

- All OS/Firefox 2/3 -

A dropped row will sometimes drop as if the allowable droppable target was
the first cell of the standard row. Adding anything to all rows that
explicitly gives it a block character (like "display:block, display:table")
fixes this - but it makes a hash of the table layout.

You can see the above at:

Bare bones, shows Firefox problem:

Some attempt at styling, "display:table" applied to rows (I know, I know):
Any thoughts? Has the reorderer been used with a table before? I think some
of the issues listed may be due to that perhaps?

Many thanks. 


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