Using Google Gears in updater

John Norman john at
Fri Sep 26 12:12:05 UTC 2008

I just got my prompt to update FireFox. I did so. There was a message  
saying Google Gears would not work in the updated version and once  
updated it would check for updated versions of Google Gears. I  
continued. After completing the update it asked if I wanted to check  
for updates to Google Gears. I did. It said no updates were found, try  
again later.

I was not watching carefully and I may have got some of this a bit  
wrong. I also haven't tried to use Google Gears yet to see if the old  
version is working in spite of the message, but I am writing a quick  
note to record an issue while it is fresh. This could cause a lot of  
issues in a busy installation IF we are relying on Google Gears as a  
substitute for Flash in a world where Flash does not support the  
upload functionality (i.e. Flash 10 currently and Flash on Linux any  
version). Hopefully unlikely, but I understand the Gears work to be at  
least partly driven by thinking it a contingency plan for this scenario.


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