VULab Survey Tool: phpESP (Goodbye?)

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Thu Sep 25 01:23:12 UTC 2008

Your argument appears to make sense to me but I would also be interested
if anyone else more technically able than me could weigh in.

Assuming that we do go ahead and develop our own, the next question will
be what basic question types we include. I suggest fill-in the blank,
multiple choice, and rating scale (Likert) items for the first iteration
of the tool. Any thoughts from others on this? 

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>Subject: VULab Survey Tool: phpESP (Goodbye?)
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>I created an issue for the discussion around the replacement for phpESP
>core survey tool within VULab).
>I recently made a most that gives some of the history and reasons why I
>not want to use phpESP anymore within VULab.
>For you curious people out there. Wanted to make sure you didn't miss this
>one as it is a major development shift for VULab.
>- Blake

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