Reorderer components' name change

Gary Thompson gary at
Wed Sep 24 22:19:17 UTC 2008

Anastasia provides a good and (to my memory) accurate summary of 
arriving at Layout Customizer.

Customizer and Reorderer are both peculiar names because of the "er" at 
the end, but that is to simply state "something that customizes" or 
"something that reorders".  Customize is a much broader term than 
reorder.  If I were to be particular about the name, I might think about 
dropping both Customizer and Reorder and call it Drag and Drop, a more 
common and recognizable term, and more descriptive of what it really 
does -- if you discount keyboard usage.  Since we cannot discount 
keyboard usage, I believe Reorderer to be the better label as it is more 
descriptive than Customizer and it keeps everything in the family with 
consistency.  So...

Image Reorderer
Layout Reorderer
List Reorderer

That would be my vote.  Maybe we could ask a few Fluid-ignorant people 
"what do you think a Layout Reorderer is?" and see if people get it.


Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> On 24-Sep-08, at 4:35 PM, Jess Mitchell wrote:
>> Before it happens, I'd like someone who was involved in the naming  
>> of Layout Customizer to weigh in on that name change.  More than the  
>> other names, that one has caught on to a certain extent.  I know I  
>> use it in conversation all the time and a good bit of our  
>> documentation early on used reorderer and layout customizer  
>> interchangeably (though I know that shift reflects some fundamental  
>> code changes).
> There was a thread on fluid-talk (I think( early in 2008 about this. I  
> can't find the original thread, but the follow-up (definitely on fluid- 
> talk) was titled "Renaming the Portlet Layout Manager" and it starts  
> in Feb. with a summary of all of the suggestions.
> I think we used 'customize' instead of 'reorder' because of the whole  
> columns aspect - there was more to it than just changing a linear  
> order. If I recall correctly, it was Erin that suggested the name?
>>  Is there a reason to change it?
> My understanding is that the motivation for using the word 'reorderer'  
> is to establish consistency - to have all of the different flavours of  
> reorderer use the form of "XXX Reorderer"

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