Reorderer components' name change

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Wed Sep 24 20:41:24 UTC 2008

Hi Michelle,

On 24-Sep-08, at 4:23 PM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:

> 1. Wait until after 0.5 is cut to update the wiki.
> 2. Update the wiki but don't update the code
> 3. Update the wiki and code leaving the old API in place
> 4. Update the wiki and code with the old API in a different file

Excellent summary. I agree that #3 makes sense. The documentation  
should make it clear that the older functions will be moved out of  
core and into a compatibility library for 0.6. Then we'll gradually  
transition users to the new API.

I hope this can be a viable strategy for major API changes in the  
future. Deprecation > Compatibility file > Removal.



Colin Clark
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