Reorderer components' name change

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Wed Sep 24 16:14:00 UTC 2008

+1 on Thumbnail Reorderer
-1 on Layout Reorderer

I think that Layout Customizer much better captures the functionality
expressed in the component Even though that name doesn't carry "family"
resonance, the name does show how flexible and powerful the family is by
the name divergence.

- Eli

> Hi,
> The new names for the Reorderer components have been suggested a
> couple of times recently.
> The responses have been positive, but no actions have been taken, so
> here's a quick recap:
> The two family members of the Reorderer (Lightbox and Layout
> Customizer) have rather ambiguous names, and we would like to give
> them self-explanatory and consistent names to make it easier for
> whomever visiting our wiki.
> I heard from a lot of you that it would be a good idea to change...
> Lightbox 			--->		Thumbnail Reorderer
> Layout Customizer	--->		Layout Reorderer
> and the List Reorderer would keep its lovely name.
> If you have any concerns, please let me know tomorrow. If not, I'll
> go ahead and make these changes on the wiki towards the end of day
> tomorrow (Wednesday).  :)
> Erin, your wiki janitor_______________________________________________
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