How to create Sub-Issues

Justin justin.obara at
Wed Sep 24 16:09:53 UTC 2008


It seems as though people are interested and starting to use the Sub- 
Issue type in Jira.
Thank You.

Here is a quick How-To on creating Sub-Issues

A Sub-Issue is essentially the same as a Sub-Task. Therefor a good  
starting point is to learn how to use a Sub-Task

The difference between a Sub-Task and Sub-Issue is, in actuality, only  
the name and the icon. This allows for proper Jira filtering.

To create a Sub-Issue you need to click on the "Create sub-task" link  
and choose "Sub-Issue" from the combo box.

To convert something to a Sub-Issue you need to click "Convert to sub- 
task" link and choose "Sub-Issue" from the combo box.

Note: You cannot directly convert between Sub-Task and Sub-Issue. You  
need to convert to some other Issue type first.


I hope this helps. Please feel free to e-mail me about any further  
clarification or help.


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