Fluid Course Administration & Content Management Personas feedback request

Herb Wideman herb at yorku.ca
Fri Sep 19 21:21:47 UTC 2008

Great work on these personas! The level of detail on instructors’ 
pedagogical approaches and everyone’s day-to-day operational strategies 
is very thick and should be of great value in both designing and testing 
UI components. I wonder whether some consideration should be given to 
adding or altering a primary or secondary persona to include one that 
makes heavy use of mathematics and math-based modeling in their work – 
none of the personas appear to do so at this point. In the contextual 
inquiries I participated in at York the issues of presenting 
mathematical representations for formulae and math-driven 
visual/graphical models, and providing appropriate online tools for 
creating and editing these, were seen as problematic. As mathematical 
formulations and math-based modeling are so prevalent in the hard 
sciences and engineering this may need to be brought to the fore in one 
primary or secondary persona. With respect to prioritizing LMS user 
needs, it's worth noting that there are far more students and faculty in 
these areas than in say foreign language departments.

Herb Wideman

Senior Researcher
Institute for Research on Learning Technologies
York University

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