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Nice work! One suggestion I have is to somehow make it a bit more  
obvious in the main content area that that some components are the  
children of the parent component above them (e.g. Layout Customizer is  
the child of Reorderer). The way the pictures are staggered helps, but  
I think we could do a bit more visually to get that across.

I was thinking it might be nice to have a {panel} box around each  
component family, so I experimented with this in the wiki but couldn't  
get {panel}s to cross columns. If that's not possible, or maybe in  
addition, we could consider using larger headings for the parent  
component than the child (this should even be a semantically correct  
way to do it!). Also, even just a bit more indentation may help get  
the relationship across...we could consider lining up the pictures of  
the children right under the text of the parent component in order to  
visualize the hierarchy.


On Sep 18, 2008, at 12:14 PM, Carl Forde wrote:

> (trying with a different address as the first attempt was rejected  
> by the list server.)
> I agree with this and I would like to see the tree diagram a bit  
> larger and included in the mainline of text. I think it would be  
> much better to use a lightbox effect, 
>  , to view the full size image rather than stranding people on a  
> page containing only the image.
> Perhaps a box with the text split between the sentences and in the  
> top right on a level with the 'Components' header? Prominent, but  
> out of the way.
> On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Paul Zablosky  
> <Paul.Zablosky at> wrote:
> I think you're taking this in the right direction.  I don't find the  
> page overly long -- a bit of scrolling is not such a bad thing.
> A few comments:
> The tree diagram is a useful feature.  It needs a bit more  
> explanatory text, and some de-jargonizing, but it will convey a lot  
> of information to the visitor.
> I think the "Contribute Your Ideas" box should be moved out of the  
> main flow of the page to a more peripheral area.  Perhaps at the end  
> or in the upper right.  It raises a point that the user should be  
> aware of, but it's tangential to the main purpose of the page.
> Overall, I really like it.
> Carl
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