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(trying with a different address as the first attempt was rejected by the
list server.)

I agree with this and I would like to see the tree diagram a bit larger and
included in the mainline of text. I think it would be much better to use a
lightbox effect, , to view
the full size image rather than stranding people on a page containing only
the image.

Perhaps a box with the text split between the sentences and in the top right
on a level with the 'Components' header? Prominent, but out of the way.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Paul Zablosky <Paul.Zablosky at>wrote:

>  I think you're taking this in the right direction.  I don't find the page
> overly long -- a bit of scrolling is not such a bad thing.
> A few comments:
>    1. The tree diagram is a useful feature.  It needs a bit more
>    explanatory text, and some de-jargonizing, but it will convey a lot of
>    information to the visitor.
>    2. I think the "Contribute Your Ideas" box should be moved out of the
>    main flow of the page to a more peripheral area.  Perhaps at the end or in
>    the upper right.  It raises a point that the user should be aware of, but
>    it's tangential to the main purpose of the page.
> Overall, I really like it.

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