Proposed dojo time picker

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at
Wed Sep 17 14:44:19 UTC 2008

Hi all,

At one of last week's standup meetings, I mentioned a time picker UI 
that had been proposed at a dijit meeting.  Since then I had a brief 
discussion about it with Colin, and he suggested I provide some 
information on fluid-work.

Since then, a ticket has been added to dojo's bug tracking system, which 
is public, so I no long have qualms about revealing something that I'm 
not supposed to.

The main idea is to provide mouse users with a set of times that they do 
*not* have to scroll through; that all the times are visible at once.  
The current dojo time picker is a combobox where the drop-down list 
contains the times that one could pick.  It's configurable in terms of 
the minute resolution;  five minute intervals vs 15 minute intervals, 
for example.  If the resolution is too fine the drop down becomes 
relatively long and scrollable, and clumsy for mouse users.  Note that 
the scrolling is circular, wrapping at midnight.  Note also that it 
works with a mouse wheel, which I find an improvement.

The description of the new UI and some discussion about it can be found 

For reference the current time picker test page is here:


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