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Interesting thread that we should watch on sakai-user at collab.sakaiproject.org

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Subject:  how to you involve faculty?
From:     "Charles Hedrick" <hedrick at rutgers.edu>
Date:     Tue, September 16, 2008 8:25 am
To:       "sakai-user" <sakai-user at collab.sakaiproject.org>

We're interested in involving faculty in Sakai development, to give us  
feedback and guidance in developing and supporting it. We've tried  
getting together meetings of interested faculty, but only a few show   up.
We've created a Sakai site for interested faculty (although not   yet
publicized it). Before we announce it, we're interested in hearing  
experiences from other sites:

* How do you involve faculty in your development of instructional  

* What experience do you have in getting them involved in online  
interaction? Do you have better luck with discussion forums or mailing  
lists? Or some other tool?

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