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Tue Sep 16 01:18:45 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

Recently while working on the Fluid Personas ( 
) I was excerpting of text and images onto other pages. This can be  
very helpful when you want content to stay synched upon multiple pages.

Here are some interesting points about images I ran across:

Images included into a page by using the "short" link to the image  
(e.g. !image_name!) will show up as broken links if pulled into other  
pages as an excerpt. It may be best to put the full link to an image  
in a page (right click on the image on the "Attachments" page and  
choose "Copy Link Location") in case someone wants to excerpt it in  
the future.
Images can have the standard attributes for HTML image tags attached  
like this:  | !url_to_image.jpg|height=400px!

Here is an example of a link to an image formatted with the above two  
points in mind:


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