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On Sep 15, 2008, at 12:07 PM, Justin wrote:

> Hello,
> Here are some thoughts about the name of Constrained Choice Inline  
> Edit
> The Constrained Choices inline edit is linked to from story card 8  
> which talked about editable fields such as radio buttons and  
> checkboxes
> This is the same page that is linked to from story card 5, for  
> dropdown.
> (Link to story cards:
> That being said, is dropdown another type of inline edit? Is a  
> dropdown a form of constrained choice?

Yea, the constrained choice is a leftover.  We originally thought  
there would be a type of inline edit component that covered cases  
where the user was making edits from a constrained list of choices.   
So it's different from simple text in that it is a dropdown or radio  
buttons or checkbox or other.  Chatting with Erin and Allison this  
morning we decided that each of those types of interactions should  
probably be looked at individually and each would be child in the  
inline edit component family.  So far we've only worked on the  
dropdown case so that's all you see in the storyboard.  Until we  
uncover a specific implementation of checkboxes or radio buttons we  
probably won't flesh out that design.
> I'm not actually sure what "Allow editable field to be radio buttons  
> or checkbox" actually means. Radio buttons and checkboxes are  
> naturally editable. I'm assuming it is referring to the fields these  
> items represent, but that could be edited using Link mode or simple  
> text.
Yea, not very well written :).  Sorry about that.  I think what I  
meant here was that jumping off the simple text edit case.  Now we  
want to work through what it means for the inline edit field to have  
these different kinds of controls.  I'll take a looks and try to clean  
the text up.
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 15-Sep-08, at 2:45 PM, erin yu wrote:
>> I was working on the Inline Edit landing pages and found some  
>> inconsistencies and lack of clarity in the family members' names. I  
>> would like us to agree on a set of simple names and refer to them  
>> from various wiki pages.
>> As far as I understand, there are 6 members in the Inline Edit  
>> family.
>> 1. Simple Text Inline Edit
>> 2. Link Inline Edit (different than simple text in that you can't  
>> click on the text itself because it will go to the actual link)
>> 3. Hidden Content Inline Edit (editing content tied to the  
>> subject.. please see the announcement example)
>> 4. Document Inline Edit (editing rich text)
>> 5. Date Picker Inline Edit
>> 6. Dropdown Inline Edit (rather than Constrained Choices Inline Edit)
>> Let me know if this seems inaccurate or if you have any other  
>> suggestions.
>> If this looks good, I'll update the wiki with these names.
>> Thanks,
>> Erin
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