Inline Edit Family Members

erin yu erin.yu at
Mon Sep 15 18:45:14 UTC 2008

I was working on the Inline Edit landing pages and found some  
inconsistencies and lack of clarity in the family members' names. I  
would like us to agree on a set of simple names and refer to them  
from various wiki pages.

As far as I understand, there are 6 members in the Inline Edit family.

1. Simple Text Inline Edit
2. Link Inline Edit (different than simple text in that you can't  
click on the text itself because it will go to the actual link)
3. Hidden Content Inline Edit (editing content tied to the subject..  
please see the announcement example) 
4. Document Inline Edit (editing rich text)
5. Date Picker Inline Edit
6. Dropdown Inline Edit (rather than Constrained Choices Inline Edit)

Let me know if this seems inaccurate or if you have any other  

If this looks good, I'll update the wiki with these names.

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