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Dear All,

Before this thread grows like a snowball let me try to avoid that with  
my conversation-killing thoughts:

I think the question of renaming the OSDPL is premature and rather  
than spend our cycles debating it, we should build it:

We have a laundry-list of tasks that need to be accomplished to make  
the Library more usable and more capable of handling the needs of a  
broader community -- we're responding to growth we're already feeling  
+ anticipated growth.  Conversations about the community and the name  
(at this point) are merely distractions from the work at hand.  We  
have a way forward.

We've spent a lot of good time thinking through the OSDPL, its  
mission, its goals, what kinds of patterns we anticipate  
accommodating, etc.  That's all well-documented in the wiki.

Now we're building.

Jonathan, I will work more closely with you to prioritize the work  
(specifically the tasks) and ensure we're continuing our good march  


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On Sep 14, 2008, at 3:51 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hey,
> Interesting discussion. I'm not sure we need to change the domain name
> for the patterns library, but exploring other names is an interesting
> idea. Some comments below...
> On 12-Sep-08, at 7:47 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:
>> Daphne and I talked a little about this. I think it's an interesting
>> idea to call it a "community" rather than a "library," but I'm not
>> sure how large of a community we'll be able to build if we only have
>> a short time, and over time I think the legacy we will really be
>> able to leave is the library we created. I'm not entirely opposed to
>> the idea, but think we need to think about our goals for the system
>> and what we want to emphasize in order to determine whether to
>> change that part of the name. I'm also not sure we'll get to the
>> point where we include patterns other than UI patterns, but I do
>> agree that this is possible.
> This comment shows a certain lack of awareness about the environment
> we're working in. The reality is that we've already built a community
> around our design patterns library. In nearly every case, the patterns
> have been authored by a group of people, each adding their own
> insights and ideas. Many of our patterns were sourced from our own
> design work and the Sakai patterns effort, both of which are  
> community-
> driven. There's certainly room to grow, but we've already got the
> community part.
> To this end, Jonathan's done a nice job of helping to define a process
> for freely sharing design patterns.
>> Back in the day talking with Colin about this I think we decided to
>> call it "Open Source" because we wanted to emphasize that these were
>> patterns from open source software communities, with open source
>> software examples. I could see de-emphasizing that part of it
>> however to make it even more open (e.g. to anyone).
> I don't think we want to let go of the open source aspect of the
> library. In my mind, there are two things that that make our patterns
> library unique: 1) everything is Creative Commons licensed; 2)
> contributors are encouraged to provide new patterns, ideas, and
> modifications.
> Most other patterns library are closed. Either you can't share and
> repurpose the material freely, or the patterns represent a "broadcast"
> model. One company or individual pushing out their conception of good
> design. Fluid's pattern library isn't about what "Fluid says." It
> offers a more open dialogue about effective design practices.
> And a response to Jonathan's original posting:
>>>> 1) We are currently using, but we may expand
>>>> beyond UI patterns.
> How do you imagine us expanding beyond UI patterns? I think we should
> try to stay focussed on an area where we can offer real value. For
> example, I'd be concerned if we were considering branching out into
> programming patterns. There's already tons of good material out there
> in collaborative forms, including Ward Cunningham's wiki:
>  No point in muddying the waters.
> Are you thinking we might start to include other useful aspects of our
> UI toolkit, such as personas, linked to the patterns library? I can
> see this sort of material being pretty useful, and it likely still
> fits within the umbrella of "UI patterns." I'd hate to give up the
>  domain name, since it seems to be a pretty accurate description of
> our site. That said, I'm definitely still open to the idea.
> Colin
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