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Michelle D'Souza michelle.dsouza at
Mon Sep 15 15:42:26 UTC 2008

The ARIA support required for Dialog is very minimal (role=dialog),  
however, David and I were hoping to use the dialog as a starting point  
for more generalized ARIA support in jQuery UI. We will likely get  
started on this late this week or early next week.


On 15-Sep-08, at 11:33 AM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hey Michelle,
> On 15-Sep-08, at 11:07 AM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:
>> Scott Gonzalez has fixed the issue with jQuery UI's modal dialog  
>> not getting focus.
>> This means that if you use the trunk version of dialog for the  
>> Uploader you should have full keyboard support now. There is still  
>> an issue when there are multiple modal dialogs open but this  
>> shouldn't effect the Uploader.
> This is great news! Are you planning to work Scott to add ARIA  
> support to Dialog as well?
> Colin
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> Colin Clark
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Michelle D'Souza
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