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Hi all,

Daphne and I talked a little about this. I think it's an interesting  
idea to call it a "community" rather than a "library," but I'm not  
sure how large of a community we'll be able to build if we only have a  
short time, and over time I think the legacy we will really be able to  
leave is the library we created. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea,  
but think we need to think about our goals for the system and what we  
want to emphasize in order to determine whether to change that part of  
the name. I'm also not sure we'll get to the point where we include  
patterns other than UI patterns, but I do agree that this is possible.

Back in the day talking with Colin about this I think we decided to  
call it "Open Source" because we wanted to emphasize that these were  
patterns from open source software communities, with open source  
software examples. I could see de-emphasizing that part of it however  
to make it even more open (e.g. to anyone).

How about "Open Design Pattern Library" with a URL of 
  (it's available). Then we could later change the name to Open Design  
Pattern Community if it made sense.

I also strongly agree that we should create a separate logo for this  
library. Maybe we could put out some kind of contest to the list,  
pointing them to our mission statement and any other relevant high  
level goals?


On Sep 9, 2008, at 12:35 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:

> Did I hear on standup that is taken?  Is that the reason  
> for the change?  I think I'm a bit slow -- it's not clear to me from  
> the list below why the current name doesn't work.
> I think it's important to keep library in the name since it is a  
> collection of design patterns and design pattern libraries are a  
> common design resource these days.  So if we need to change the  
> name, how about "Open Design Pattern Library".
> -Daphne
> On Sep 9, 2008, at 10:02 AM, Jonathan Hung wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> I would like to explore the idea of changing "Open Source Design  
>> Pattern Library" to something new. The reason behind this is:
>> 1) We are currently using, but we may expand  
>> beyond UI patterns.
>> 2) We are bit too Fluid-centric - to appeal to a broader audience,  
>> we are going to become a bit more generic in content. This means  
>> the logo on the site will likely be changed and  
>> "" will probably be redirected to a new domain.
>> 3) We are trying to leverage the idea of inclusiveness and openess  
>> and having branding and a domain that conveys that would be helpful.
>> 4) We want a cohesive and clear image presented to the user. This  
>> unifying our project under a single name and banner will help our  
>> efforts.
>> With that, I would love to hear your suggestions for the project  
>> and recommendations for a domain (hopefully it's available).
>> My thoughts:
>> Project Name:
>> "Open Design Pattern Community"
>> Domain:
>> -
>> -
>> -
>> Love to hear your feedback!
>> - Jonathan.
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