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Hey John,

Might there be someone to talk to about their scenario briefly?

Since announcements is time based it gets tricky when we start  
reordering the list.  If the user moves a message up to the top of the  
list that is older than the ones below it, what happens when they then  
sort on date?  Is this an order that they want remembered in the long  
term?  I'm confident we can come up with a design solution but better  
understanding what they are trying to do would help us do the right  
thing here.  Even if it is a work around, we want it to be the best  
work around it can be :).

For the use case of keeping an important announcement at the top, I'm  
adding in the ability to mark it as always keep it on the top for  



On Sep 11, 2008, at 4:52 AM, John Leasia wrote:

> Yes it would be good to find out more about why they do it that way.  
> I don't think it's so much about email reminders but more about the  
> order in which they want to present material.  It's possible some  
> other tool - modules for example - could be used instead, but the  
> Announcement tool is simpler to use and more familiar to some.  I  
> think it just adds flexibility to let instructors mold the tools to  
> their teaching rather than their teaching to the tools. We have some  
> instructors using Schedule tool for assignments for example.
> John L
> John Norman wrote:
>> Interesting.
>> From my perspective this is a clue to another line of thinking; Why  
>> are these users using announcements for this task? Probably because  
>> they want email reminders to go out. So another way of thinking of  
>> this use case is an events 'document' where edits can be announced  
>> to a set of users. I'm not suggesting we don't carry on with the  
>> work, just pointing out that the scenario described suggests to me  
>> that the use of the Announcements tools was a compromise or hack to  
>> get a notifications feature and 'improving' announcements might not  
>> be the best way to get maximum user satisfaction. I might be  
>> inclined to try to do a little investigative work with the users  
>> trying to use Announcements this way...
>> John  N
>> On 10 Sep 2008, at 19:34, John Leasia wrote:
>>> Some here use Announcements along with other tools to present week  
>>> by week info, in order of week.  They can put them in originally  
>>> in the right order, but if they have to go back and edit it gets  
>>> out of order. Or if they later want to add something somewhere in  
>>> the middle, etc. Others have said they want one announcement  
>>> always at the top - maybe class meeting times/hours or class  
>>> policies or class honor code info or whatever.  Those are from  
>>> here - reorder in Annc has also been requested by other  
>>> institutions.
>>> John L
>>> Jess Mitchell wrote:
>>>> John,
>>>> I wondered the same thing and then in a meeting with Gonzalo I  
>>>> blurted out the following:
>>>> I can imagine the case where you have announcements listed in  
>>>> order of entry, but you want to prioritize one announcement out  
>>>> of its chronological entry.  Rather than having to enter the  
>>>> announcement again, you can just drag it to the top of the list.
>>>> Think of the "to-dos" in iCal (if you happen to use iCal).  I can  
>>>> drag them into a "priority" of listing from top to bottom in  
>>>> addition to assigning them a priority.  I imagine the same top to  
>>>> bottom priority would be useful in announcements?
>>>> I've no idea if this is what John L. had in mind and quite  
>>>> frankly, if it is a use case, then it's my first!
>>>> Best,
>>>> Jess
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>>>> On Sep 10, 2008, at 1:21 PM, John Norman wrote:
>>>>> Is there a use case or usage scenario for this work? John Leasia
>>>>> mentioned it in passing the other day and I was a bit mystified  
>>>>> as to
>>>>> why one might want to reorder announcements. I guessed you might  
>>>>> be
>>>>> using the grid layout to create an experience similar to pinning a
>>>>> notice to a notice board, but it seems not. The only other thing  
>>>>> I can
>>>>> think of is if you have a fixed size list (say 5 announcements)  
>>>>> and
>>>>> there are 7 recent announcements, you might want to juggle the  
>>>>> list so
>>>>> the most important ones appear.
>>>>> Have I missed something?
>>>>> "Curious from Cambridge"
>>>>> On 10 Sep 2008, at 01:26, Daphne Ogle wrote:
>>>>>> Hi there,
>>>>>> As I start design for the reorderer in the context of Sakai's
>>>>>> announcements tool, I realize I'm not sure where the work  
>>>>>> should live
>>>>>> in the wiki which leads me to where does it fall in the "family  
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> components" for the reorderer.   I think our naming convention  
>>>>>> could
>>>>>> use some work and since I need a place to put design work  
>>>>>> around this
>>>>>> new context it's forcing the issue.
>>>>>> The reorderer itself doesn't have an interface and thus there  
>>>>>> isn't
>>>>>> any UX design in it's space on the wiki.  So then we have the  
>>>>>> lightbox
>>>>>> and the layout customizer which use the reorderer.  This new  
>>>>>> context
>>>>>> seems to be at the same level as the lightbox and the layout
>>>>>> customizer -- offsprings of the reorderer.  So what to call  
>>>>>> this new
>>>>>> offspring or is it really the same as one of the existing?   
>>>>>> Although
>>>>>> the lightbox and the reordering of announcements both use the  
>>>>>> "Drag
>>>>>> and Drop - list ordering design pattern" they are different user
>>>>>> experiences with one moving thumbnails and the other more like  
>>>>>> rows in
>>>>>> a table or a list.  So, I believe this new context it's own  
>>>>>> child.
>>>>>> And with the 3rd on the way, I think it's time for some clearer  
>>>>>> naming
>>>>>> of our family.
>>>>>> Here's a suggestion that is more closely aligned with our  
>>>>>> naming for
>>>>>> the inline edit family but I would love to hear other thoughts  
>>>>>> (my
>>>>>> suggestion is quite boring!).
>>>>>> Family name:  Reorderers
>>>>>> Children:
>>>>>> Thumbnail reorderer (formerly known as the lightbox)
>>>>>> List reorderer
>>>>>> Layout reorderer ( or we could stick with "layout customizer"  
>>>>>> as it
>>>>>> sounds better and is clearer but then it wouldn't match it's  
>>>>>> siblings
>>>>>> names :))
>>>>>> What do you all think?
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