VULab / RAC Server Space on the Fluid server(s)

David Makalsky dmakalsky at
Thu Sep 11 12:46:43 UTC 2008

Hi Colin,

As we have mentioned before, we would like to host our application  
under the fluid server / domain to be congruent with the rest of the  
fluid project.  Please let me know the timeframe in which this can be  
achieved.  If it takes an unreasonably long time, we can host it on  
other servers and frame-forward the domain from fluid to say, york.

VULab Web Requirements:
- MySQL 5+
- Apache / PHP 5+
- 400 MB of disk space

RAC Requirements:
- FTP Server account with 5 - 10 GB of free space (initially; may need  
more later)
- An ftp user account with write and list access into this directory
- mencoder (available:
- A shell user that can schedule cron jobs in this directory
- Note: The ftp directory should be available to the web server as  
well so that the generated files can be served via http


David Makalsky

PS - Blake, can you confirm that the VULab Web Requirements haven't  

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