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Thu Sep 11 02:45:39 UTC 2008

After a bit of tinkering, I think I must unfortunately conclude that the
"avatar shrinkage" issues cannot be a matter for the Reorderer but can
only be dealt with in user CSS. Basically the user has so much control
over the avatar markup that really only they can know and apply a
correct strategy for setting its size. I tried to forcibly stick CSS
width properties onto the avatar as it is created, but really it doesn't
listen (in the portal sample) - the div and CSS structure of the portal
element is just too complex for the information to trickle down correctly.

Perhaps Jacob can correct me on this, but right now my feeling is that
we will have to close FLUID-1201 as unworkable... we can certainly
extract the relevant height and width of the "old portlet" but I can't
see at the moment how we could ensure the avatar will listen, or creating
a strategy so it will.


Quoting Colin Clark <colin.clark at>:

> Hi Allison,
> On 10-Sep-08, at 4:03 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:
> > Gary & Paul (& others), do you think either of these are uPortal
> > issues? Does it make sense to enter them as bugs (either for uPortal
> > or Fluid)?
> Please keep in mind that the version of Layout Customizer we have in
> uPortal today is the 0.5 beta version. The code has changed
> significantly since then, so I'd strongly recommend cross-checking it
> with the nightly mockup version on the daily build server before
> filing bugs. It also wouldn't hurt to check in with Antranig and
> Justin (they're often talking about Reorderer in the #fluid-work IRC
> channel) to see where they're at with the latest version.
> When the latest version has had time to settle down, we'll get it into
> uPortal 3 trunk, hopefully by the end of week.
> Colin
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