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Tue Sep 9 21:54:20 UTC 2008

Hi Blake,

There are two types of GNU licenses: the General Public License (GPL)  
and the Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The license file you've  
attached, which is for LimeSurvey, is the standard GPL version 2.

Unfortunately, the GPL and the licenses we use for Fluid don't really  
play nice together. Licensing is a complex and religious issue, so I  
won't go into a lot of detail here. Suffice it to say that the GPL  
requires that any code linking to a GPL program must itself be  
licensed under the GPL. Our licenses don't require this. The end  
result is that you you can't really combine them.

The BSD half of our licensing policy makes it easy for GPL users to  
take advantage of our code without compromise. Unfortunately, the  
reverse isn't true; GPL code can't flow upstream into our own work.

The LGPL is a bit more relaxed in this way, and might potentially be  
compatible with Fluid, but should be reviewed careful by the community  

Unfortunately, all of this legal stuff means we won't be able to reuse  
LimeSurvey. :(


On 9-Sep-08, at 4:19 PM, Blake Edwards wrote:

> I'm doing an investigation into "Build or Borrow" for the surveys in  
> the VULab project. It seems to be a GNU license.
> I've attached it (although I think it is standard)
> Lemmie know? :)
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