Keyboard interaction for reorderer

Justin justin.obara at
Mon Sep 8 17:24:06 UTC 2008


In doing some testing what I believe happened is that the functions of  
the arrow keys were slightly changed. There was a bug about this  

Now the keys work exclusively for their direction. This is most  
evident in the sortable jQuery tab and vertical sortable list demos.

The context I was referring to in my previous e-mail was the lightbox.  
I'm assuming that at the left end of the row, pushing left will wrap  
the right side of the next row.

On 8-Sep-08, at 12:38 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:

> Hi Justin,
> Which context are you working in?  In the lightbox and layout  
> customizer, the arrow keys should progress the user through all the  
> objects so it would wrap to the next line (i.e. from the rightmost  
> object the user clicks the right arrow key and the the first object  
> in the next row is in focus).    Do you know the behavior change was  
> intentional?
> -Daphne
> On Sep 8, 2008, at 7:16 AM, Justin wrote:
>> Hello Daphne,
>> I'm not 100% sure what the correct keyboard interaction for the  
>> Reorderer is.
>> In the past, pressing the left or right arrow keys would move you  
>> to the next row. Currently they just wrap you around the same row.
>> Would you be able to tell me which method should be used?
>> Thank You
>> Justin
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