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Mon Sep 8 14:15:42 UTC 2008

No problem...let me know if there are some things about LimeSurvey that 
you particularly like, other than it's being open source, of course.  :^)


Blake wrote:
> Thanks for this report! I'm reading through it now, and I'll most 
> definiately be looking at how SG runs to see what we can borrow in 
> terms of flow/accessibility etc.
> That being said, I think I am going to recommend using LimeSurvey 
> though, as the other options are commercial and they are hosted - so 
> we won't have full access to the source code itself.
> LimeSurvey looks to be the best open-source solution, and seems to be 
> the standard out there in terms of open-source options.
> We may not even be using a borrowed solution for our surveys, but I 
> feel like we may opt for one to speed things up.
> Thanks for the great research Mike!
> - Blake
> On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 3:57 PM, Michael S Elledge <elledge at 
> <mailto:elledge at>> wrote:
>     Hi Ron--
>     Ohio State University made a thorough review of online survey
>     tools and found that SurveyGizmo had the best accessibility by
>     far. Here is what Ken Petri (from OSU) said recently with respect
>     to an inquiry about Zoomerang:
>     See our Survey of Surveys:
>     Zoomerang leaves much to be desired regarding accessibility.
>     Note that our information about LimeSurvey is out of date. The
>     developer got back with us and explained in detail where our critique
>     had problems. We will update this over the next month.
>     Some advice for SG: When you create a survey with SurveyGizmo, make
>     the questions headings: First turn off automatic numbering, then, for
>     the question itself, put in HTML that makes the question a heading and
>     give the question element a tabindex of 0, so it can accept keyboard
>     focus via the tab key: <h2 tabindex="0">12. What makes SG so good for
>     accessibility?</h2>. This technique, which is trivial to implement in
>     SG and difficult or impossible in the other tools, helps a lot with
>     accessibility for screen reader users and users who need to use the
>     keyboard only to navigate pages.
>     So SG would be my suggestion.  :^)
>     Mike
>     Blake wrote:
>         I'm looking at <>
>         <> and here is the MOST popular one on there.
>         I think we should try to use something current and maintained
>         as we will be wanting to use some advanced js functionality etc.
>         I'm taking a look now, I'll report. ( going to add roadmap
>         jira first ;) )
>         On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 2:20 PM, Ron Owston
>         <ROwston at <mailto:ROwston at>
>         <mailto:ROwston at <mailto:ROwston at>>>
>         wrote:
>            At the Standup meeting today we discussed replacing the current
>            survey tool in VULab (phpESP) with another open source tool. At
>            York University we use UCCASS
>            <> which does a
>         fairly good
>            job I've found. It uses the  Affero General Public License
>         which
>            may also cause problems. Is anyone familiar with it? Does
>         anyone
>            have other suggestions for open source survey tools?
>            Thanks, Ron  
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