The Great (Pu/Me)rge

antranig at antranig at
Mon Sep 8 01:30:23 UTC 2008

A headsup on the new state of trunk - today I have merged in my longer
term than desirable work for the Reorderer on Fluid-1148 and others from
my branch. I have tried to leave everything in as good condition as possible,
but given the extensive nature of the changes I fear there will be bits of
rubble lying around for a little while. I have tried to insure that the
manual tests and samples are all updated and working, but if I have missed
some please throw a brick, etc. The automated tests are bit more problematic
 - much of the "exposed surface" they were fixtures against has been
destroyed with no comparable replacement, so for example for the
dedicated LayoutManager tests I have had to simply delete the corresponding
test files entirely. Note that much of the functions they were hoping
to test are now tested by the dedicated GeometricManager tests which have
been written, but I suspect there are new gaps exposed, to join the old
ones we had :)
Also, a small number of the "high level" Reorderer tests are now failing,
for which I will be asking assistance over the next couple of days, as
well as for ideas for new tests.

However, other than this things are looking pretty good, and I have
closed a dozen or so Reorderer-related JIRAs as "apparently fixed" -
HAIL TO THE KING (Justin) :)

More tomorrow,

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