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Fri Sep 5 19:57:43 UTC 2008

Hi Ron--

Ohio State University made a thorough review of online survey tools and 
found that SurveyGizmo had the best accessibility by far. Here is what 
Ken Petri (from OSU) said recently with respect to an inquiry about 

See our Survey of Surveys:

Zoomerang leaves much to be desired regarding accessibility.

Note that our information about LimeSurvey is out of date. The
developer got back with us and explained in detail where our critique
had problems. We will update this over the next month.

Some advice for SG: When you create a survey with SurveyGizmo, make
the questions headings: First turn off automatic numbering, then, for
the question itself, put in HTML that makes the question a heading and
give the question element a tabindex of 0, so it can accept keyboard
focus via the tab key: <h2 tabindex="0">12. What makes SG so good for
accessibility?</h2>. This technique, which is trivial to implement in
SG and difficult or impossible in the other tools, helps a lot with
accessibility for screen reader users and users who need to use the
keyboard only to navigate pages.

So SG would be my suggestion.  :^)


Blake wrote:
> I'm looking at <> and here is the 
> MOST popular one on there.
> I think we should try to use something current and maintained as we 
> will be wanting to use some advanced js functionality etc.
> I'm taking a look now, I'll report. ( going to add roadmap jira first ;) )
> On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 2:20 PM, Ron Owston <ROwston at 
> <mailto:ROwston at>> wrote:
>     At the Standup meeting today we discussed replacing the current
>     survey tool in VULab (phpESP) with another open source tool. At
>     York University we use UCCASS
>     <> which does a fairly good
>     job I've found. It uses the  Affero General Public License which
>     may also cause problems. Is anyone familiar with it? Does anyone
>     have other suggestions for open source survey tools?
>     Thanks, Ron   
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