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Hi Justin,


I've attached a screen shot showing filtering in Jira on Project, with
Sakai selected, and Issue Type, with Sub-task selected.  If I wanted to
see a list that returned just the Tasks, then I could select Issue
Type=Tasks.  If I wanted everything but Sub-tasks, I would select Issue
Type=Branch, Bug, Contributed Patch, Feature Request, Task (which are
all the other issue types we use in that project); you can also select
"Standard Issue Types" or "Sub-Task Issue Types", if you want everything
in that category, rather than selecting them all individually.
(Depending on how you have your Jira configured, you may need to specify
a project first, then utilize the link in the "blah blah blah...Click
here to refresh" alert, before it adds the drop-down for Issue Type to
your filtering choices.)


I'm not sure now, however, that I understand correctly what you're
trying to achieve.  I thought initially you were just trying to figure
out how to filter Sub-tasks to either view them or not view them as part
of the results, which we do in Sakai as described above.  It sounds
though like perhaps you are looking for a way to distinguish different
kinds of sub-tasks?  In other words, some of your sub-tasks are "Tasks"
and you might leave those as type "Sub-task", whereas other sub-tasks
are "Bugs" and you want those to be type "Sub-bug" (or Sub-issue)?  That
way could filter on an issue type of "Sub-bug" and not see Bugs or
Sub-tasks (or any other issue type) in the results?  If that's your goal
- distinguishing different types of Sub-Tasks, rather than Sub-tasks
from standard Issue types -- then it sounds like you're already on the
right track, and I'm just distracting you :)





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**I initially only replied to Peter. I am resending this to the list.**


Hi Peter,

Thank you for the comments/feedback. Please see response inline below

Thank You
On 4-Sep-08, at 2:29 PM, Knoop, Peter wrote:

Justin, perhaps you already tried this and it didn't fit your needs, but

	you can explicitly specify "Sub-tasks" as an Issue Type to
filter on in


Not too sure how to do this. It seems that the type is sub-task and I
can't see any place to tell it to use a different type for filtering. It
could be that we are using a different version, have a different setup,
or I am just missing it. If you could send me a link to instructions or
a screenshot of how to do this, it would be helpful.

or select the other types and exclude it, if you don't want

	Sub-tasks in your results.

This is sort of the problem we are running into now. The sub-tasks
aren't always tasks, but bugs. This means that if I create a filter that
looks for sub-tasks I'll get too many and if I exclude sub-tasks I get
too few.

(At least this is true in recent versions of

	Jira.)  That's the approach we take with Sakai's Jira.  The
downside for

	substituting a new issue type, rather than using the built-in

	support, is that you lose all the nifty sub-issue features, like

	automated linking,  the sub-issue status summary in the parent

	view, an easy way to create sub-issues from the parent issue,

I have actually been able to preserve all of this. Basically Jira
allowed me to create a new issue type. It could either inherit from
Issue or sub-task. I chose to inherit from sub-task. This means that it
behaves as a sub-task would but allows for the separation of tasks and
bugs when filtering. A kind of best of both worlds. In theory anyways.




	Sakai Project Coordinator



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		In Jira, using tasks and sub-tasks can be a convenient
way to organize

		your issues. The downside with this, is that they become
mixed with

		actual tasks and are more difficult to find using Jira's


		To help resolve this, I have created a new Issue Type in
Jira; Sub-

		Issue. You can use the sub-issue the exact same way that
you would

		have used a sub-task.  However, by separating them we
are able to

		preserve the use of Jira's filters.


		To change your current sub-task to a sub-issue, I
believe you'll have

		to covert it to an issue first and then to a sub-issue.


		Thank You



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