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Thu Sep 4 18:47:42 UTC 2008

**I initially only replied to Peter. I am resending this to the list.**

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the comments/feedback. Please see response inline below

Thank You
On 4-Sep-08, at 2:29 PM, Knoop, Peter wrote:

> Justin, perhaps you already tried this and it didn't fit your needs,  
> but
> you can explicitly specify "Sub-tasks" as an Issue Type to filter on  
> in
> Jira;

Not too sure how to do this. It seems that the type is sub-task and I  
can't see any place to tell it to use a different type for filtering.  
It could be that we are using a different version, have a different  
setup, or I am just missing it. If you could send me a link to  
instructions or a screenshot of how to do this, it would be helpful.

> or select the other types and exclude it, if you don't want
> Sub-tasks in your results.

This is sort of the problem we are running into now. The sub-tasks  
aren't always tasks, but bugs. This means that if I create a filter  
that looks for sub-tasks I'll get too many and if I exclude sub-tasks  
I get too few.

> (At least this is true in recent versions of
> Jira.)  That's the approach we take with Sakai's Jira.  The downside  
> for
> substituting a new issue type, rather than using the built-in sub- 
> issue
> support, is that you lose all the nifty sub-issue features, like the
> automated linking,  the sub-issue status summary in the parent issue's
> view, an easy way to create sub-issues from the parent issue, etc.

I have actually been able to preserve all of this. Basically Jira  
allowed me to create a new issue type. It could either inherit from  
Issue or sub-task. I chose to inherit from sub-task. This means that  
it behaves as a sub-task would but allows for the separation of tasks  
and bugs when filtering. A kind of best of both worlds. In theory  

> -peter
> Sakai Project Coordinator
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>> Hello,
>> In Jira, using tasks and sub-tasks can be a convenient way to  
>> organize
>> your issues. The downside with this, is that they become mixed with
>> actual tasks and are more difficult to find using Jira's filters.
>> To help resolve this, I have created a new Issue Type in Jira; Sub-
>> Issue. You can use the sub-issue the exact same way that you would
>> have used a sub-task.  However, by separating them we are able to
>> preserve the use of Jira's filters.
>> To change your current sub-task to a sub-issue, I believe you'll have
>> to covert it to an issue first and then to a sub-issue.
>> Thank You
>> Justin
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