Skinning for Springboards and beyond

Jacob Farber jacob.farber at
Thu Sep 4 15:21:01 UTC 2008

Some more thoughts:

* What do we need from a skinning system?- a semantic,
passive aggressive method to apply visuals to our markup. Something that
should play nicely with others, but when left on its own should look great.

* What are the problems and pain points in current skinning approaches?
- too much additional markup needed
- semantics (i.e. skin-specific class names that represent the skin's
function vs. content-specific class names that represent the contents
- namespaces
- ease of use

* How does a skin relate to reusable components and to specific

* How would existing CSS frameworks help/hinder us?
- PRO: much in the same way JS libraries help they've done the homework for
us, eliminating browser quirks
- PRO: start right away
- CON: learning curve can be steep, especially if there is a bug or
modification is needed
- CON: we cant always bundle other people's stuff with our own (licensing)

* How can we extend our semantic reach?
~ ?

* How can we make skinning easier?
~ straightforward design principles.
~ good documentation + good comments + natural language

* What great examples can we steal from?
~ YUI (a little heavy handed and not as semantic as we like)
~ has some good info. Not great examples,
but its a start.

* Skinning and StyleAble
~ ?

I left some of the bigger questions untouched in the hopes someone with a
better understanding of them could help clarify them for me.
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