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Wed Sep 3 16:31:15 UTC 2008

Hi Justin,

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Jess Mitchell <jess at>wrote:

>    1. I'm assuming this is just a temporary home and that the progress
>    indicators will be moved to their respective component pages. Jess mentioned
>    a few locations where it could go. Should they go on all of those pages? If
>    so, does anyone know how we can have a central location for all of them,
>    where they could be updated and their changes pushed to all other locations?
> Yes, component pages will be home-base.  Erin and I did chat about that
> quickly.  I'm not sure we'll meet you in terms of being ready when you are,
> so if the progress indicators are lift-able chunks in the wiki, then we
> should have a fairly easy time of putting them where they'll fit eventually.
>  As for the changes pushing part -- Jonathan accomplished something like
> this as did Gary within the wiki -- i think the meeting pages and the
> current needs pages accomplish that with labels?

Unfortunately there isn't a good way to have one page of content and have
sections of that content replicated elsewhere. The wiki doesn't have that
functionality. The Meetings pages are a little different because we're
actually going in the reverse (creating a larger page out of content from
multiple smaller pages).

Labels won't help much either since you can't label small portions of a
single page so it can pulled out.

So, for something like progress indicators you will have to maintain a
progress indicator page for each component. I don't think there's a way
around it in our version of the wiki.

- Jonathan.
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