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Hi Allison,

thanks for the comments, I have responded inline below


On 3-Sep-08, at 11:31 AM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> Hi Justin,
> Can I make on additional suggestion? Daphne didn't immediately  
> understand the mapping between the components features in the boxes  
> to the #s below. I think it would be helpful if there was something  
> that tied them together a bit more--perhaps adding the number in  
> front of each feature in the boxes as well (e.g. "1) Simple I.E".).

This was my fear when I was putting it together. I was debating about  
putting the numbers in the fields or not, but just thought I'd wait to  
see what people would say. Sounds like it is necessary though.

> Alternatively, you could make, e.g., "Simple I.E." a link to the  
> storycard as well as the numbered description.

This is actually what I wanted to do in the first place, but  
unfortunately links don't seem to play nice in tables. Basically it is  
because the formatting for the tables and links are similar so they  
conflict. I haven't found in the wiki notation how to put links into  
tables, but the notation itself seems to use links in tables. I'm  
still looking into this.

I suppose I'll put the numbers in the table cells and see where I can  
go from there

> Thanks for all your work on this! :)
> Allison
> On Sep 3, 2008, at 7:02 AM, Justin wrote:
>> I have made the progress indicators for the components. Please feel  
>> free to view/edit their status as needed.
>> Some issues still to be ironed out:
>> Still unsure of how to represent the features of the reorderer and  
>> layout customizer. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also if what I  
>> have is accurate please let me know as well.
>> I'm assuming this is just a temporary home and that the progress  
>> indicators will be moved to their respective component pages. Jess  
>> mentioned a few locations where it could go. Should they go on all  
>> of those pages? If so, does anyone know how we can have a central  
>> location for all of them, where they could be updated and their  
>> changes pushed to all other locations?
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