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Colin Clark colin.clark at utoronto.ca
Wed Sep 3 14:33:24 UTC 2008

Hi John,

This is a known issue in the latest version of SWFUpload and Flash  
Player 10. It's also fairly distressing, since it appears that Adobe  
has changed Flash APIs for the worse. Here are some details:


I do have some hope that, since this approach is also used by Yahoo!  
and Flickr, there's a chance that Adobe will be responsive to fixing it.

We're in the midst of heavily modularizing the Fluid Uploader. I'm  
considering implementing a Gears 0.4-based plugin for the Uploader as  
an alternative to the SWFUpload for those using unsupported  
environments. Not ideal, but at least we'll have an alternative.

This version of Uploader, slated for Infusion 0.5, will also be much  
more skinnable and flexible in terms of its markup. Perhaps it will be  
of use to your team, too.


On 3-Sep-08, at 10:09 AM, John Norman wrote:

> We are getting reports of our Flash-based uploader failing with Linux.
> One of the things I asked the (CARET) user to try was upgrading to
> Flash Player 10 and to try the Fluid uploader demo links. The Fluid
> uploader has the same issues as the CARET one, but of most concern was
> the report that neither Fluid not CARET uploader worked with FF3 on
> Windows with Flash Player 10 RC.
> Is this an issue that is being tracked somewhere? I believe it to be a
> problem with Flash Player rather than our code.
> John
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