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John Norman john at caret.cam.ac.uk
Wed Sep 3 14:28:27 UTC 2008

It gets worse! This from the SWF uploader site:
Security Change
The response from Adobe on the Adobe Forms is that a security change  
in Flash Player 10 prevents indirect calls display to File Dialogs.

This means that the SWFUpload JavaScript API cannot trigger the File  
Dialog in Flash. Which means SWFUpload is permanently broken for Flash  
Player 10.

We have 4 options:

1. Hope Adobe will have mercy and roll back this change and save  
2. SWFUpload support ends at Flash Player 9 and is not moved to Flash  
Player 10 (in other words, the project dies in 6 months to a year  
after the release of Flash Player 10).
3. Change the SWFUpload whole design philosophy dropping the  
JavaScript API (at least the portion that triggers File Dialogs and  
starts/stops/cancels uploads) and forcing a Flash Movie UI on our users.
4. Try to implement a kind of mix of Flash UI and HTML UI and  
complicate things by making the Flash UI configurable enough to match  
the HTML UI.

Unless Adobe is going to take their FileReference APIs serious and fix  
the bugs that are plaguing us (mod_security issues, data return  
issues, IO Error issues, Linux compatibility, etc) then I don't see a  
very bright future for any Flash based upload component. Is it worth  
the fight?

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On 3 Sep 2008, at 15:09, John Norman wrote:

> We are getting reports of our Flash-based uploader failing with Linux.
> One of the things I asked the (CARET) user to try was upgrading to
> Flash Player 10 and to try the Fluid uploader demo links. The Fluid
> uploader has the same issues as the CARET one, but of most concern was
> the report that neither Fluid not CARET uploader worked with FF3 on
> Windows with Flash Player 10 RC.
> Is this an issue that is being tracked somewhere? I believe it to be a
> problem with Flash Player rather than our code.
> John
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