Progress Indicators - Rough Draft (please comment)

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at
Tue Sep 2 16:18:00 UTC 2008

On 2-Sep-08, at 11:58 AM, Colin Clark wrote:

> I like the consolidated prototype of your progress indicator quite a
> bit. The combination of colour and linked descriptions of the features
> is really effective.

I agree - I like the short text in the actual bar, and the slightly  
longer text below.

> I think your use of green is perhaps a bit too fine-grained, though. I
> find it hard to distinguish between the first three shades of green.
> Only the lighter shade is perceptible to me, and I intuited it to mean
> "in progress" before I glanced down at the legend.

Again, I agree - completely different colours would be easier to  
understand - maybe green, yellow and blue?

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