Progress Indicators - Rough Draft (please comment)

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at
Tue Sep 2 14:54:00 UTC 2008

On 2-Sep-08, at 9:18 AM, Justin wrote:

> I have made some changes to the page ( 
> ) based on suggestions made including a green progress indicator, a  
> table, and etc. After another comment or two I'll make an example  
> including the features that people most like.

General (and sometimes contradictory) comments:

- it's not clear to me the difference between green and red? Are you  
just showing the two options, or was there a plan to use both colours  
together somehow?

- green to show completion seems more appropriate than red

- the green dashed lines are harder to distinguish from the black than  
the red is

- the table version, with the entire cells coloured, seems much easier  
to see than the dashed lines (a much paler background colour would be  
even better)

- the dashed version with only some of the dashes coloured does a very  
good job of showing 'in progress' (though it would require updating  
more often, and raises the question of when should updating happen?  
maybe the table version with three different colours would work -  
green for complete, yellow for in progress, and white for not there yet)

- text instead of numbers is much easier to process (though I realize  
that sometimes there is too much text, but short forms, with notes in  
a 'legend' would probably help)

- I think the links to the story cards are a great idea, very relevant

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